Legal Raps

Yo yo yo, let’s talk legal, let’s talk law,

From Gary Martin Hays to 100 dumb laws,

Do you know how to transport open liquor legally,

Or the legal age to gamble in Vegas, really?

If you’re a landlord in Massachusetts, listen up, pay attention,

Heating requirements are no joke, it’s not just a mention,

Are you aware of the bank escrow agreement, it’s a necessity,

And have you ever wondered about the in laws meaning in Urdu, for greater clarity?

Thinking of a lease option agreement in Ireland, it’s a must,

Know your stuff, don’t let it gather dust,

When it comes to fishing, know the legal size of a bream, in Queensland,

And what about partnerships, do they pay income tax, my friend?

From legal teams to dumb laws, and everything in between,

Understanding the law is key, don’t be mean,

Stay informed, stay alert, and always do your research,

That’s the way to go, that’s the best perch.