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Yo, listen up, I got some legal questions to address, From contractor licenses to owning wild pets, So let’s dive in and rap about the law, And see if we can find the answers that we’re lookin’ for.

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So whether you’re tryin’ to figure out if you need a contractor’s license, Or if owning a pet deer is legal and nice, Or if you can start a business in Thailand without a fuss, Or if tinted windows in LA will get you in legal cuss,

Or if you’re locked into a contract and need to know your way out, Or if CFL crossover rules are what you’re all about, Or if you’re fishing for blue crab and need to stay within size, Or if you’re living in Glasgow and want to know about council tax prize,

Whether you’re 16 and lookin’ to start your legal career, Or if you need expert legal advice without any fear, We’ve got the answers to all your legal queries, So come on in and let’s tackle these legal theories.